Bad News for IPL fans


IPL on internet and mobile may not be free anymore.

IPL has been a huge success in the country and live streaming available in the app and on websites of Star India, the popularity has grown tremendously over the last few years.

Hotstar got a huge success in the nation, Star has already started premium content on their app for which people will have to pay.

But if Star start to take money for that then there is possibility that few another apps comes in picture and that might replace Hotstar also and it may create loop hall for Star.

Hotstar had a digital viewership of 100 million for IPL this season as the season has been very close and the matches were fiercely contested. and as per current figures of IPL it shows that Hotstar earned 1100 crore from the laast season so if they make to payable then Hotstar may also replaced by another app.

So If Star think on that way then they try to give chance another app to replace live streaming of the matches.

BCCI earned around 2500 crore in the IPL 9. Even After two big teams suspended then drought issues and some less viewers as compare to previous seasons then also their income increase.


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