Pakistan became No.1 in test cricket


Pakistan Became no.1 in test cricket after India’s last test match against West Indies called off a draw because of outfield problem.

India was No.1 after the Australia’s white wash against Sri Lanka at the Sri Lanka and Australia move to no 3 from no 1.

Before that series ICC Test Championship mace given to Australia and Steve Smith received ICC Test Championship mace and US$1million in prize money to his side to be number one.

India was impressive at the West Indies tour for the test match series and Virat Kohli and his team made series to 2-0 as never happen before to the West Indies soil.

If India won that last match then India was the no.1 but because of Heavy rain and then outfiled problem that was not happen and Pakistan became No.1 in test Cricket.

It was interesting that Pakistan team in ODI cricket fighting for their direct qualification spot in 2019 world cup and in the test cricket they are at top that was little strange.

But Pakistan bowlers did well in recently test series against England and few of the experienced batsmen helped Pakistan to draw the series and because of this today they became no.1 in test cricket.

It was biggest Achievement for them cause Pakistan become no.1 first time ever since they started to play test cricket.

Big Congratulation to them and we hope they do well in ODI also so they can directly qualify for the top 8 in 2019 world cup.

It was great tribute to Misbah ul Haq also cause he may retire from Pakistan cricket after this series so it was great for him and counted as his big achievement for the Pakistan Cricket.

Latest ICC Test Rankings

Rank Team Matches Points Rating
1 Pakistan 25 2767 111
2 India 25 2748 110
3 Australia 36 3905 108
4 England 41 4427 108
5 New Zealand 28 2773 99
6 Sri Lanka 32 3055 95
7 South Africa 22 2015 92
8 West Indies 26 1749 67
9 Bangladesh 12 687 57
10 Zimbabwe 7 54 8