MS Dhoni got Angry


After a thrilling win against Bangladesh Indian captain should be happy but after the conference the Indian Captain MS Dhoni got angry and he was right.

Reporter should have to ask the question related to the match and they have to support the Indian team but they now a days try to make Indian team moral down and continues question on Dhoni Captain ship.

But they all are forgot that Dhoni did in past and doing in present also that he finish the game for India but they just want to criticize him. Don’t Understand Why ???

Before the Asia cup they ask question about his hitting ability now they have no point to ask that question then they will now focus on his captain ship but Why ???

I think Dhoni should not have to answer this type of questions. But He Replied them and did a good way.

Reporter: “Before the match, we were talking about a big win so that we can improve our net run-rate but look at how we just about managed to win. How satisfied you are with such a win? And second …

“Just one [question] at a time,” the India skipper said firmly. “I know you aren’t happy that India won today.”

“Listen to me. Hearing you, your tone and your question, it’s clear that you aren’t happy that India has won. And when talking about a cricket match, there’s no script. It’s not about the script. You have to analyse that after losing the toss, what was the reason that we couldn’t make many runs on that wicket. If you aren’t analysing these things sitting outside, then you shouldn’t ask this question.”

No Doubt that India should have to look for their run rate but Bangladesh player also came for the play not only for to increase net run rate of the other team and they bowl very well on the turning pitch and they played very well against Australia also at this match every one praise to Bangladeshi Players.