Ronaldo won the contest against his club teammate Bale


Cristiano Ronaldo won the contest between him and his Real Madrid team mate Gareth Bale. Before semi fianl most talked contest between two club mates.

Every one are eager to watch that how they play against each other for their national teams and both showed theri skills and try to won the match for their nation.

In this contest Ronaldo won by scoring header in the 50 minute of the match earlier also few chances created by Portugal players for Ronaldo to score goal.

But in 50 minute from the Mario’s corner kick and Ronaldo’s header helped Portugal to take lead against Wales after 3 minute Nani also scored by deft touch from Ronaldo’s assist.

Wale’s star Bale also take few free kick’s but their strikers were not able to hit header on target. Bale also tried twice to hit shot on goal post but Portugal’s goal keeper saved it twice.

So most talked contest was ended last night after Portugal won the match and MoM was Ronaldo and as the Contest between this two club mates won by CR7 ( Ronaldo).