Summer Rae On Being In WWE and on Social Media


Summer Rae recently spoke with about being in WWE and more.

Here are the highlights:

What is your background?

I’ve played sports my whole life. I ran track and played tennis in High School, and I’ve danced my whole life. I too have always been a WWE fan. After 3 years of playing football I sought out WWE because it really was a dream of mine to become a WWE Diva! After a few years of training, here I am; living out my dream on live tv weekly!

On being a WWE Superstar: The greatest thing about being a WWE Superstar is being able to reach so many people. We have so many young girls that look up to us and that drives me to lead by example. Being able to volunteer with our charitable causes within WWE and for causes I personally believe in is great with such a large fan base. It allows us to spread the word to so many.

On social media: There’s the good and the bad aspects to Social Media. What I do find great is how much social media has changed business’ and the way they structure their marketing. Social media currently has such a strong influence that it has changed how products are marketed and distributed. There’s huge opportunities for both companies and influencers that didn’t exist a couple years ago. Also the influence of social media is so strong that you can really spread your message and make an impact in today’s society.

Where we can follow her?

IG: @DanielleMoinet
Snap: @DanielleMoinet
Twitter: @RealSummerWWE

Travel destination: Anywhere tropical

Celebrity Crush: Chris Hemsworth

Restaurant: Fig & Olive

Actor/Actress: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Jeff Perry. Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway.

Quote: Speak it to existence

Book: House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

Movie: Love Actually

Drink: Margarita